3 Problems With Free Blogging Services

Posted on December 1, 2015 By

Are you planning to get a blog online? Or have you already got an established blog already? Chances are, you may have already been blogging using a free online blog platform. However, there are many things you cannot do with a free blogging service. After reading this article, you may indeed wish to get your self-hosted blog instead!

1. Customization

With a free blogging service, you are usually permitted to use a template from a pre-defined selection. You cannot create a new template, or make modification to a given template, such as changes in the color, banners and coding. While you will be given a selection of add-ons to add more functions to your blog, such as link exchange and search box etc, your blog looks pretty much the same as other users. However, with a self-hosted solution, you are free to modify the codes of your blog. Thanks to open-source nature of most blogging platforms, you can unleash your creativity and create a brand-new blogging template.

2. Content Control

A free blog service provider has significant control over your blog content, because physically you blog data are stored in their server. Your site is out of your control when there are failures in the server (though it’s not likely). And very few free service providers will offer backup options. If you are unlucky and your blog is hacked or gets terminated, all your hard work will be gone forever, unless you have backed up the data periodically. On top of this, you are usually not allowed to use your blog for commercial purposes or advertising. Even placement of AdSense will violate the terms of service potentially. In contrast, you are free of these worries when you host the blog yourself.

3. Branding

When you have a blog hosted under a domain name, you will create a strong branding image, and it significantly strengthens your online presence. You don’t have those enforced advertisements, lengthy web address or other regulations by third parties as in free blogs. Everything is under your control. And you can promote your blog much easier, because a domain name is the best representation of your identity in the Internet World.


Now you may be tempted to get a hosted blog, but not sure how to get started. Among the blogging platforms, WordPress is undoubtedly the most versatile option, which offers a huge range of plugins and templates. And you can customize literally every part of it.

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