How to Choose a Blog Services Company

Posted on December 30, 2015 By

042816-mm-case-studies-300x300Ready to choose the best blog services company? Ready to tap into everything you keep seeing and hearing about as it relates to the power of blogs?


But be ready for some decisions. There are as varied a new set of options when it comes to getting the best blog services company as there are car dealerships these days. And like all great competitive landscapes, each and every blog services company out there want to, no needs to tell you, what makes them different. From the quality of their design guys to the hiring of the writers.

It is one of the most pure forms of advertising really, to be able to take something that you do different than anyone else and to make it an extraordinary benefit to the customer through some spiffy language. (That’s what advertising is at the end of the day, the elevation of simple unique USPs so that consumers can see your points of difference and choose you based on them.)

But what if instead of discovering that what REALLY SEPARATES one blog services company (based on the moon for zero gravity) from a great one, is the level of involvement and empowerment it gives you the paying customer.

My gosh. Talk about a crazy thought.

There is now a new blog services content creation software platform that will allow you to VERY AFFORDABLY choose the exact keywords that you want featured in your blog. The same software will, with the push of a button, let you schedule as many or as few postings of this original content into your blogs on a set schedule.

And this same software, when used with the free keyword tools provided by this exciting new company, will let blog owners laser-target their best new customers.