Start Blogging the Right Way

Posted on January 1, 2016 By

Blogging has drastically changed the internet’s everyday activities for the past years. Everybody knows its potential and online businesses have improved because of it.

First and foremost, what is a blog? To put it simply, a blog is a website. It is a site that consists of usually brief yet frequently updated articles or posts that are arranged chronologically with the first entry on the first page. In layman’s term, it’s like a diary or a journal online. The person who writes these posts is called a blogger.

The blogs can be a personal or a professional blog and are often related to a particular topic but not all of the time. It can anything you can think of; sports, entertainment, life, lifestyle, gaming, businesses technology, science and down to the more specific categories like music, hobbies, movies, gadgets, celebrities, interests, space exploration, soccer, how to make money on line, and more.

Blogging is a way of expressing ideas, opinions about a specific topic and to get your message online. And then people get to write back what they think about your article in the comment section. Blogging allows the exchange of ideas from people around the world. But take note that not all blogs have comments section. That would depend on the blogger if he/she will allow comments on the article.

Why blog? Why not? Another benefit of blogging is to promote something. It’s an effective way to let people know about your services, business or a particular product.

How to start blogging? There are a handful of free blog services that you can sign up for. Let us give you the top blog services today.

• – A free blog-service that is associated with Google. You can place Google AdSense into your blog to earn a little more money. Changing of skins are a bit tricky though.

• – What’s good about this weblog hosting is that it’s so easy to use. Adding category and tags is simple. It also allows advertising and Google AdSense but it’s rare. There are thousands available templates that you can choose from.

• – More popular than WordPress? Some say so. also offers blogging tools that are easy to use.

• – Not only is this a free blog service but it offers a photoblog, a videoblog, an audioblog and a social networking profile feature.

• Squarespace – This blog service is not yet gaining a lot of popularity unlike Blogger or WordPress. This site is easy to manage and is ideal for those who would prefer quality content posts than the physical appearance of the blog.

Other popular blog services are MySpace, AOL Journals, LiveJournal, Windows Live Spaces and Vox.