Tips on Why You Should Own Your Blog Content

Posted on January 8, 2016 By

The internet is here to stay and many people are browsing the internet and turning to the net for just about everything you can think of. This is such a perfect time to capitalize on this craze when it is so easy to post content and deliver great value to your audience in any niche. I want to give you some reasons why owning a blog is important if you want to have any existence online at all. I also want to point out why it is important to own your own content and where you need to go to get started.

Thankfully I found a great mentor and program to teach me the ins and outs of marketing online. Before I had the wonderful opportunity to find this, I was pretty much naive about internet marketing to say the least! If you are truly interested about making money online and developing a presence on the web than this information is for you.

There are many public blog sites out their that you can log in to and start typing away about anything from your personal life, sports, recreation, business etc.. These sites include blogger,, I cannot stress to you enough the importance of not using these services when starting a personal website with valuable content.

You see, once you start seeing some traffic and generating interest to your blog site, you will have the opportunity to cash in and make some real money with advertising or creating a sales funnel to a business opportunity. If you use a public blog service, the company owns all of the content that you provide to them. This means that they can take down your website at any point in time.

I recently heard a devastating story about a blogger that recently had his site banished after four years of keeping up to date relevant content on his public blog site. He was generating a descent amount of money through advertising and was receiving a fair amount of traffic to boot.


This is a fabulous website that you should use to create a wonderful personalized blog that you can manage for years to come. This is a great service that is supported by various techs all across the world. is very easy to learn and you have access to a vast amount of plugins that will allow you to enhance your presence even more! It will cost you a little bit extra to have a personally owned and independently hosted blog, however it is well worth it!

I would highly recommend that you have a professional design service create your template and customize your blog to make it look very professional. This service can be found with a simple Google search or you can personally ask me for more details.

Make sure your blog is consistent to your target market and has relevant up to date information about products or services in your niche. Adding videos and pictures to your blog will give you more traffic and better search results as well.

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